Scenic Tour: Linmei Shihpan Trail

This trail with great ecology, you could see waterfall, and trees all around the field mountain. Walking along in the shadow of trees, feel the fresh air and phytoncid makes you relax from the pressure.

Date: Friday, 23 January 2015.
Departure/Return time: 09:00 AM/05:00 PM

How to sign in: Just follow the three steps to join the tour. First, log in the Registration/Submission system and click “Register” on the main menu. At the bottom of the form shown up, you will find a field labeled “Number of participant of the tour”. Fill in the number of participants who are joining the tour. Second, when you arrive at the registration desk, tell the conference receptionist the detail information of the participants of the tour. The provision of the information is required for the insurance. Third, an extra fee of USD$50 will also be collected with the registration fee for those who are joining this scenic tour. This per-person fee includes the transportation, entrance fee, lunch, tour guide, insurance, and tips for the driver.
Special notice: If the total number of participants of this tour is less than 20, the tour would be cancelled and the fee be refund..

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