Registration fees

Please refer to the following table to calculate your registration fee.

Early bird                              Regular

(before 31 January 2021)             (before 01 March 2021)


USD 300 / NTD 9000             USD 400 / NTD 12000


(Not include a welcome banquet and no souvenirs.)

USD 100 / NTD 3000             USD 100 / NTD 3000


Impotant note:

Registration fee payment should be completed before 01 March 2021. Only papers that are finished with the registration fees paid before the deadline will be published in the conference proceedings.

2. The registration fee is paid for only one paper (Extended Abstract). If you are Ordinary participant and submit more than one paper you authored, the registration fee for each additional paper is discounted 50%. Student participants are not eligible for this discount.

3. Students registering and paying "Student Rate" must be the first or the corresponding author and must submit an official letter (in English) from their University or School, duly signed and stamped, indicating their current student status. This document must be submitted for valid registration. Please send a scanned copy of this letter to Student prices do not include a welcome banquet and no souvenirs.

4. Conference fee payment can be made via (1) International Transfer (USD) , (2) Bank Transfer (NTD)