General Manager Lerdah, Shiann-Jang Wang


Lerdah, Shiann-Jang Wang received M.S. degree from Computer Vision and Robot Lab, CSIE of National Taiwan University in 1994. He was attracted by optics and computer vision algorithms. Those skills helped him to explore the knowhow of automated optical inspection. After the careers in EeRise, 3DFamily and ATM Electronics, he joined to Jorjin Technology Inc. in 2011. It is filled with challenges while years of career on AR devices development. With the raising of Metaverse concept, lots of people and resources join to this field, speeding up the iteration of innovation. Not only the crafting of AR glasses, but Jorjin put a lot of time and works to find the innovative applications to make life and works shaping with smart and intelligence. Nowadays, He is exciting to give his efforts on how AR will change and enhance the world.

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Keynote Topic:

Innovative AR platform and device: an intelligence spatial interface applied for sustainable business and smart life/city.

Keynote Abstract:

With an intelligent perception analysis through voice, gesture recognition & eye-tracking sensing, the human computer interaction is intuitive and can be used in a wide range of fields such as smart manufacturing, smart show room, smart medical applications for industrial upgrading and digital transformation, as well as a better life style presented in a smart home and city. JORJIN has been at the forefront of the development in Smart Glasses and of perception sensing technologies which are critical to deliver a meaningful AR experience to the user, particularly in a Professional environment: Imaging, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Time of Flight (ToF), eye-tracking, mmWave radar, etc. We have fully embraced the concept of smart spaces, own named as MetaSpace, and are working diligently to provide AR total solutions aiming at satisfying various use cases of its customers with a better working procedure and a smart life living in a smart city.